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Is It Important to Know the SEER Rating for a New AC?

SEER is one of two ratings used to measure the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. (The other is EER, we’ll get to that in a minute.) Because SEER is often displayed prominently on air conditioning systems and is one of the criteria for a unit to earn the ENERGY STAR label from the Department of Energy, people imagine it’s important. But how important? Is it the main factor in choosing the air conditioner when you are ready for an AC installation Glendale, AZ?

No, it’s not—but it’s still important!

What SEER Means

SEER is an acronym for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It’s a ratio of the amount of cooling an AC can produce to the amount of electricity it uses to produce it. SEER is measured through a series of tests at different temperatures and humidity levels to replicate a full season of cooling.

This sets SEER apart from EER (energy efficiency ratio), which is measured over a single test at set conditions. SEER gives a better overall sense of efficiency, and it’s always higher than EER. The higher SEER rating, the better the efficiency performance.

So does high SEER mean spending less money on cooling? Not necessarily. This is where people often get tripped up with SEER and efficiency ratings in general. An air conditioner will not always run at SEER; often it will run below it, based on conditions. SEER is the maximum.

You can’t guarantee that you’ll save money with a high SEER air conditioner, especially if the AC isn’t ideally suited to the house. If you have to run the air conditioner more and more often, then any savings from SEER will be meaningless.

So what should I look for in SEER? We recommend only considering air conditioners that have SEER high enough to earn an ENERGY STAR label. Currently, a unit must have SEER of 15 or greater to earn the label.

A 15 SEER air conditioner is a good, efficient AC for most homes. Higher SEER air conditioners will cost more, and we recommend you look at their features to see if they are what you want from a new system (variable-speed fan, multi-stage compressor, inverter technology). It may be worth it for your house to go up to a 20 SEER system.

Let the Professionals Help You With AC Selection

We don’t expect you to understand exactly which SEER rating and air conditioner is best for you—it’s not easy to know how much cooling your house needs and what AC will provide that while not wasting power. This is why you have trained professionals around!

When you call us to schedule an air conditioning system replacement or installation, we’ll work closely with you and check your house with a load calculation to determine the right system. In fact, we back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured you’ll have the best new AC for your needs.

Reach out to Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating when you need a new AC. Kick back and relax, we’ll keep you cool.

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