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HVAC Contractors
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How Our HVAC Services Can Help You Move Into Fall


Preparing for fall in Arizona isn’t as extreme a job as it is in more northern states where the change in seasons means heading toward days where the temperatures are below freezing. But we still have to make adjustments for cooler weather, and we also have to make sure our air conditioning systems remain in top shape because they may need to kick back on at any time.

So, what HVAC service in surprise, AZ do you need to help you get ready for fall? We have some suggestions of ways that we can best serve you as we move toward the season of pumpkins and somewhat cooler weather.

Heating Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance in spring is as important a service as we offer at Cool Touch. A wonky AC during an Arizona summer can be a nightmare. But you want your heating system in good shape as well for the times you’ll need it.

Our Ultimate Service Club will see that your heating system has the necessary inspection and tune-up so you’ll have few worries through the coming seasons.

Air Conditioning Repairs

As we cautioned above, you may need the air conditioner to come on at any time during the fall or winter—those heatwaves strike at strange times. If you have any reason to believe your AC requires repairs, please don’t hesitate to arrange for them now, even if they don’t seem like that big a deal.

Believe us, that small problem can cover up a much larger one that can mean a failed AC the next time you need it. Fall is a less busy season for our technicians, so it’s simple to find a convenient time to have any repairs for the AC done.

Air Conditioning System Replacement

This is a big change, but if you think it’s necessary, fall is a good time to have it done. If your air conditioner had a rough run this summer and bills to run it and/or repair it are spiking, schedule an appointment with our technicians to examine the system.

We can give you honest opinions on what the best course is for the AC: repairs or a replacement. We don’t recommend waiting to spring to replace a worn-out AC—you want to always be ready for the heat.

Duct Cleaning

Here’s a regular maintenance job you may not have gotten done in years. Duct cleaning isn’t something that has to be scheduled annually, but we recommend it every five or so years.

If this much time has passed, or you’ve never had the ducts cleaned at all, we advise calling us to schedule it. Clean ducts let you go into fall with an HVAC system that “breathes” better so it uses less energy and circulates less dust and other pollutants.

Thermostat Upgrade

Why not give yourself a gift of better convenience and energy savings with a new Wi-Fi or smart thermostat? If you still have an old manual thermostat or a digital thermostat without programmable features, you are due for an upgrade.

Rely on Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for your local HVAC services. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool.

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