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HVAC Contractors
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Has Your Air Conditioner Quit on You in this Phoenix Heat?

Here in Phoenix AZ we are hitting triple digit heat already and air conditioners all over the valley are breaking down. In this heat the last thing you want to see go down is your A/C as it’s the only thing keeping all of us sane during these summer months.

When temperatures reach 105-117 degrees your air conditioning unit works much harder to keep your home cool then it does when temps are in the high 80’s and 90’s. If your unit quits on you, for your own safety, you need cool air as soon as possible.

In previous blog posts we’ve touched on things to do in the event you here your system acting out of the norm and what things might be causing certain issues. because of the recent heat wave Phoenix has been experiencing, and for the safety of all our fellow Phoenicians, we want to go over a new “what to do” checklist in the event your A/C system calls it quits on you.

A/C Unit Check List in the Event of Breakdown:

1. Check your thermostat making sure it is in the “AUTO” position. If it is not, move it to “AUTO” and see if your system turns on.

2. Is the thermostat indicating a low battery? If you have a low battery symbol or your screen is blank, replace the batteries to see if that was why your unit was not working.

3. Check your circuit breaker to make sure it has not been tripped.

4. Check your filter. Clean you and replace your air filters if necessary. A dirty air filter can clog the system.

5. Inspect your unit if it is completely off, blowing hot air from your vents or making suspicious noises. When calling for repair it is helpful for the technician to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

6. Turn your unit to the off position and Call Cool Touch (623)584-3762 for emergency service.

7. While the technician is dispatched, use the following tricks to stay cool:

A. Close your blinds and turn off your lights.

B. Avoid using appliances that produce high levels of heat.

C. Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner: Blow a fan over a metal bowl of ice.

D. Drink plenty of cold water to keep hydrated and your body cool

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