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HVAC Contractors
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Has the Time Come to Break Up with Your Air Conditioner?


Air conditioners make it easier to survive a scorching summer in Surprise, Arizona. With the sun beating down upon the city, households leave no stone unturned to ensure that their ACs keep working efficiently.

Every piece of equipment has a shelf life, however, and if your AC has faithfully served you for 10 to 15 years, it may be time to bid farewell to it. Look out for signs dictating that a new AC is needed.

There is a Repeated Need for Repairs

If you find yourself hiring an air conditioning service in Surprise, AZ frequently, it may indicate that your system is ready for replacement.

When you realize that repairs need to be performed frequently, it may be time to break up with your AC and replace it with a new one! This should be your modus operandi, especially when funding extensive repairs is creating large dents in your bank account.

After all, the same money you are dishing out on fixtures could be used to buy a brand-new AC altogether.

Your System is Increasingly Inefficient

If you are familiar with the discourse on heating and cooling systems, you must be acquainted with the term SEER. An abbreviation for the phrase Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the term in question refers to an air conditioner’s efficiency rating.

A SEER rating is calculated by dividing the cooling output of your AC (measured in Btu’s) by the amount of energy (measured in watt-hours) it requires to produce said output.

Until 14 years ago, a minimum SEER rating of 10 was the standard for highly efficient ACs. In 2006, this standard was upgraded to a rating of 13.

If your AC isn’t aligned with contemporary standards with regards to SEER ratings, it means that you are spending more money to run your AC than you should, and receiving less of a cooling output in return.  

A smart move in this situation would be to purchase an AC that fits present-day efficiency standards. Doing so will cut down utility bills while simultaneously making your home cool and comfortable.

The Thermostat is Causing Trouble

An air conditioning service in Surprise, AZ can tell you if your thermostat is broken beyond repair. When this happens, some areas of your house end up being cooler than others.

Other symptoms hinting at thermostat troubles include a thermostat display that remains unresponsive, a cooling system that refuses to turn on or off, and a thermostat reading that doesn’t reflect the temperature in a room.

You may have to consider buying a new AC when, despite making herculean efforts, the faulty thermostat shows no signs of being fixed.

Your AC Uses R-22

Refrigerant is the crucial component that allow ACs to cool an environment. Unfortunately, many air conditioners out there today still use R-22 in order to cool homes..

The United States Environmental Protection Agency will no longer produce or import R-22 as an AC refrigerant from 2020 onwards. The cooling systems of the future will incorporate more eco-friendly alternatives to R-22. These include, for instance, R-410A, a non-ozone-depleting HFC refrigerant blend.  

Knowing this, if you have noted that your AC uses R-22, it is time to say goodbye to it. If your AC has done its time, tell-tale signs showing that you must replace it will emerge soon enough.

Keep an eye out for these signs and schedule your HVAC services with Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating.

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