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Yes, Now is a Good Time for AC Maintenance!

For many residents across the nation, they’re gradually using their heaters less, they’re venturing outdoors without a jacket, and they’re ac-maintenance-techniciansbeginning to think fondly of the coming warm weather.

Here in Arizona, we’re already experiencing some moderate heat that other states would consider a “sweltering summer day.”

That being said, there are much hotter days ahead of us. Now is going to be the best possible time to get your air conditioning maintenance done and out of the way so that you can go into summer with full confidence in your air conditioner. And not just for your sake, either—your AC will thank you for it.

ACs Are More Likely to Breakdown in Summer

It might not be a surprise to hear this, but we find that many people don’t consider this fact year after year.

Your air conditioner was created to provide efficient and reliable cooling through even the most intense conditions. Of course, that’s only when it’s operating at its best. Think of it like this: if you were asked to run a marathon in the heat, you wouldn’t do it without being sufficiently hydrated!

Skipping air conditioning maintenance is similar. If your AC is running at less-than-ideal efficiency, it will struggle to keep up during the worst of summer. It won’t be surprising to find that your AC shuts off, incapable of handling the heat.

Some of these specific issues we’re referring to could include:

  • Dead capacitors.
  • Burnt out blower motors.
  • Dirty condenser coils.

You Can Start Keeping Track of Savings

Many homeowners might not take it seriously, but there’s a big benefit to monitoring your air conditioner’s performance. From the beginning of the cooling season to the end of it, you can monitor how your cooling costs fluctuate. This can help you become aware of air conditioning repair problems and excessive use of your thermostat.

So where does AC maintenance fit into this? Each maintenance check is a new benchmark for your efficiency standards. You can’t really know how well your AC’s efficiency is if you don’t have this annual benchmark to base it off of.

Even if you really can’t see yourself getting excited about tracking performance, just look forward to the fact that getting maintenance will give you a nice boost in your monthly performance!

Detect Any Big Problems

Perhaps the best reason for AC maintenance is simply to look out for any big issues. “Big” as in the ones that will cause your AC to breakdown and may even require you to replace it with a brand-new one well before its time. A few examples include:

  • Refrigerant leaks.
  • Compressor problems.
  • Frozen coils.
  • Short-cycling.

It’s said that regular maintenance can prevent about 85% of HVAC problems from happening. When you look at it that way, going into summer without maintenance is just a gamble. Instead of having to suffer through the heat and waiting for air conditioning repair in Glendale, AZ, give yourself and your family peace of mind with some preventive service.

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