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Global Warming in Arizona

The impact of global warming is becoming increasingly apparent in many parts of the nation, and Arizona is no exception. Already plagued by droughts that some scientist lay at global warming’s feet, Arizona residents can expect a variety of issues to become more important as average temperatures in the region continue to increase.

The most known effects of global warming are the increases in average temperatures, combined with growing unusual weather. This is especially serious for south western states such as Arizona, which are already subject to very hot summers. In fact, some groups estimate that Arizona’s average temperatures are increasing faster than any other part of America.

Secondly, global warming is also likely to result in chaotic weather, including long droughts, unexpected rain and damaging storms. This will impact both residents and farming activities in the state, as it will be harder to predict the weather and make plans outdoors. This will dramatically change the working patterns of many residents, especially those who work in professions that require them to be exposed to the elements.

Because global warming is likely to lead to more and longer droughts, the cost of water will continue to rise. A major component of rising water costs will be the growing demand for water, not simply in Arizona, but in other western states. This will result in increased competition for available water supplies, and will limit the amount of water that is available to Arizona citizens and businesses. When coupled with Arizona’s rapidly growing population, it is certain that Arizona will have to husband its water resources with increasing care.

This will result in more cities enacting drought ordinances that require homeowners and businesses to work to control their water usage. Homeowners may have to start using desert plants for gardens rather than the current water intensive landscaping that is popular in many parts of Arizona. In addition, it is likely that evaporative coolers will become less attractive as the rising cost of water makes them more expensive to use. In many cases, they will likely be replaced by energy efficient air conditioning systems. This will be especially important for households and businesses that serve the elderly and young alike, as those two groups are vulnerable to high heat.

In addition, global warming is likely to drive power costs up. Like California, Arizona may find itself experiencing brownouts and rolling blackouts in the summer months, especially in urban regions where many businesses and homes will be using coolers and air conditioners during the hottest parts of the day. Homeowners will have to be certain to ensure that their air conditioning repair Phoenix contractors keep their systems running at peak efficiency during the day.

Finally, the rise in power costs will likely contribute to the growing popularity of home photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, which will allow homeowners to reduce their utility bills. It is likely that most new homes will eventually be built with PV panels already installed. These systems will become especially useful as they are most effective during the daytime, when power usage is at its greatest. The general adoption of PV systems will help reduce strain on the power grid, reducing the danger of blackouts during the hottest part of the day.

Effective air conditioning will become a vital part of most Arizona homes and businesses. When combined with insulation, modern air conditioning installations will allow home life to continue normally, even in the face of rising temperatures. The use of more effective insulating materials will also help to keep energy bills low. However, in order for these measures to remain effective and economical, home and business owners must make certain to ensure that their Phoenix air conditioning repair services keep their equipment in excellent working order.

Global warming will represent a variety of challenges to Arizona residents and businesses alike. While it will be possible to mitigate the financial and environmental consequences of global warming, it is important to start doing so as soon as possible. In this way, Arizonans can ensure that their future remains a bright one, no matter how hot it gets outside.

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