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HVAC Contractors
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February Is Already AC Maintenance Month


If an HVAC company in Wisconsin started to tell its customers they need to get on the schedule right away for their air conditioning maintenance, most people would think they had serious brain freeze. After all, let’s see, right now it’s [checks weather] 11°F in Milwaukee—and that’s in the middle of the day! Who can think about their air conditioning systems when the temperature is hovering close to zero?

But here in the Valley, the temperature as we write this is [leans out window] 76°F. Yes, that’s a pleasant temperature for us. But it doesn’t take much more before it pushes us into hot weather. Air conditioning weather. So February is absolutely the month for air conditioning maintenance in Glendale, AZ

Wait … this again?

“What do you mean it’s my birthday again? It was my birthday last year!” That’s a joke, but sometimes people act this same way toward maintenance for their air conditioning system. “How can it be time for annual AC maintenance? I just had maintenance done last year!” You could put in “dental appointment” into the same slot, but the point is the same: it’s easy for all of us to procrastinate, and those annual appointments have a way of sneaking up on us. 

But, yes, it’s time for annual AC maintenance, and this is necessary each year if you want to get the best service from your vital cooling system and enjoy it for as many years as possible. 

Here is a quick reminder of what can go wrong with an AC system in the heavy heat of Phoenix if it doesn’t have professional inspections and tune-ups each year:

  • The AC will become more expensive to run as wear and tear take hold on it. You can soon end up paying 25% more to operate your AC than you should.
  • The air conditioner is at a much higher risk of an abrupt breakdown, right when you need it the most. You’ll be stuck with a boiling home until our technicians can reach you. (Hey, we’re fast, but we can’t teleport!)
  • The number of repairs the air conditioner may need in its service life will be much higher.
  • The lifespan of the AC will drop—possibly by 50%!
  • The warranty may be voided.

Okay, I’m convinced! So … what next?

It’s easy. That’s the great part about air conditioning maintenance: you don’t have to actually do it. Only HVAC professionals are qualified and equipped to handle the service, so the only work you have to take on is calling us. We have a special maintenance program, the Ultimate Service Club Agreement (USA), to see to your annual cooling system needs. 

When you join the USA plan, you’ll get VIP bonuses that include a lifetime workmanship guarantee, a worry-free guarantee, 20% discounts on repairs, no overtime charges, and priority service 365 days of the year—you get to jump to the front of the line. Best of all, you’ll have an air conditioner that is in the best shape each hot summer in Phoenix to meet your comfort needs.

Schedule AC maintenance with Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool!

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