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Did You Schedule AC Maintenance in Spring? Here’s How You Benefited This Summer


This post is something a touch different: we’re offering you congratulations! Yes, if you remembered to schedule AC maintenance in Glendale, AZ in spring, you deserve to know how you benefited from it. We hope this will make it easier for you to remember to have air conditioning maintenance done every year—and our Ultimate Service Agreement makes it easy, because we’ll call to remind you each year!

(Okay, we’ll admit there’s another reason for the post: to make sure you know why maintenance is essential. If you didn’t have maintenance done, you’ll have a better idea why it’s so important.)

So let’s take a look at how you benefitted this summer from an AC.

You paid 5–25% less to run the air conditioner

Each year that an AC misses a regular tune-up and cleaning from professionals, it will lose on average about 5% of its energy efficiency. This means a steady climb in the cost to run the system. But thanks to diligent maintenance, you weren’t paying extra to get great cooling from your air conditioner.

You had better cooling

Along with costing more to run as it wears down, an AC will also lose its cooling capacity. If your air conditioner provided you with the cooling you wanted from it during the summer, you can partially thank maintenance for it.

You dodged a repair (or two)

Here’s a startling number: around 80% of the repairs an air conditioner needs during its service life are preventable with annual maintenance. If you had skipped your spring maintenance, there’s a strong change you would’ve ended up needing the air conditioner repaired at some point. You saved money and time.

You kept the warranty in place

If your air conditioner is still under its manufacturer’s warranty, maintenance is necessary to keep it in place. If you miss out on maintenance, it can void the warranty, and that will put you in a bad spot if the AC malfunctions because of a factory fault.

You enjoyed peace of mind

An air conditioner that goes into a long, hot summer without a good tune-up and inspection is in a high-risk zone of full breakdown at the worst possible time. You wouldn’t want to take a long road trip with a car you were worried my break down along the way, and it’s the same with an air conditioner. When you know your AC got the care it needed before the summer, you can relax easier when the heat rises.

You helped give the system a longer service life

This is long-term benefit, not a single summer benefit, but it’s still a huge one. You can expect to get many more years of service from a well-maintained air conditioning system. Without maintenance, the AC only work for half as many years.

And now that you know how air conditioning maintenance rewarded you in the summer—it’s time for you to think about your heating maintenance. All the same benefits apply!

Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating—Kick back and relax, we’ll keep you cool! Call us when you need fast service for your HVAC system.

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