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HVAC Contractors
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Desert Valley Aire in Glendale, AZ is Closed, Now What?

technician-paperworkLocal HVAC contractor Desert Valley Aire has abruptly closed down, leaving many of their customers asking, “Now what?”

We can understand how many of those customers must feel, especially if they have had ongoing maintenance plans with the company. That’s why we’ve created an offer to help these homeowners recoup some of the losses they may have incurred. More details on that down below.

But first, you might be wondering what factors can lead to an HVAC company going out of business. While we can’t speak for Desert Valley Aire, what we can say is that there are many common reasons why HVAC companies go out of business. Here are a few of them:

Neglecting to Move Technicians Up to Managers

HVAC technicians get into the HVAC business because they love troubleshooting, repairing problems, and working with their hands. They don’t typically get into the business with any desire to become a manager of other technicians.

Yet, in order for the business to be successful, there have to be people who can take the reins as the manager or the owner. It’s not uncommon for the business owner to split their time between managerial work and technician work. Unfortunately, this can make their work in either position less-than-satisfactory.

Inability to Manage and Permit Growth

Too many customers is a good problem to have. However, many HVAC contractors will fight growth in order to keep the business more manageable. Likewise, when they do give growth a shot, they might encounter more problems and then begin to backpedal.

This is often a result of not having a set process in place. When a business is small, it can flourish even with various little problems. But as the business scales up, those problems will scale with it, infecting every part of the business.

Lack of Business Skills

Many HVAC technicians start their own company without the necessary business skills. That’s fine, because there’s always room to learn. However, these technicians must be realistic about their strengths and weaknesses if they want to continue growing their business.

When a business is first starting out, it’s expected for the owner to take on a lot of the business duties for themselves. That means working the extra hours in various fields that they aren’t necessarily experts in.

As the business grows, however, time will become too precious for these tasks. The solution is either to master some of those skills to become more proficient at them, or to hire someone who’s already proficient to do them for you. Failing to do either can contribute to the business floundering.

What Now?

If you find yourself stuck with a maintenance agreement for a company that is no longer in service, the best thing you can do is get setup with another HVAC company that understands the situation.

That’s why we at Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating are giving previous customers of Desert Valley Aire a special offer. We’ll put you on our maintenance plan for just $189.

We’ve been in business for over 17 years, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and have never had a complaint with the Registrar of Contractors.

If you’re lost without an HVAC company, contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating today. We’ll get you taken care of!

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