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HVAC Contractors
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Can I Replace My Old AC on My Own?


We’ve been over this territory recently when we looked at why it’s not the best idea to attempt to repair a malfunctioning air conditioner yourself. We can understand why a homeowner might think it’s fine to get out the tools and tinker with an AC that’s not working right. When it comes to putting in a full new air conditioning system, however, there’s no ambiguity… 

Do not try it!

Please, just call us for air conditioning replacement in Glendale, AZ. We’ll save you so much time, hassles, future troubles, and money when we do the job. Unless you’re an HVAC professional, you do not have access to the equipment, knowledge, or skill to make an air conditioning installation go right. You might have a full disaster on your hands. Worse, you might have a hidden disaster that only emerges later after it’s caused damage to your comfort and your bills.

What May Go Wrong With a DIY Air Conditioning Install

We’ve seen the negative results of DIY air conditioning installations many times. Here are a few.

  • The sinking air conditioner: The outdoor condensing unit of an air conditioner must sit on a concrete slab. Otherwise, it will start sinking into the ground, and that’s not good. But getting the slab put down right so that it’s not sinking or level is difficult; it’s not something amateur work will often get right.
  • The wrong amount of refrigerant: An air conditioning system doesn’t come with the refrigerant already in it. It has to be added once the system is in place and the refrigerant lines hooked up. Each AC system requires a specific amount of refrigerant (known as the system’s charge): too much or too little will severely damage the AC and lead to an early failure. And, by the way, you need a special license to handle refrigerants.
  • Electrical dangers: A large electrical appliance in a home can create fire hazards if incorrectly installed. People don’t usually think of an AC as something that can be dangerous—but a badly installed one absolutely can be!
  • The noisemaker: Loose connections and plenty of other mechanical errors can result in an AC that makes more noise than a jet engine.
  • The energy vampire: It takes precision to install an air conditioner correctly. Even a slightly “off” installation will make an AC into a waster of power, an energy vampire that sucks away electricity without giving you back anything extra in cooling power. 

Our Pros Make AC Replacement Fast, Easy, and Cost-Effective

We want to make your air conditioning installation easy for you. Even fun. It’s great to get rid of an ineffective air conditioner and start with a fresh system you can rely on. Our team knows how to get a great new AC in place that’s the right size for your home and will provide you with reliable cooling for many more years of hot Arizona weather. We’ll get the job done fast, take away your worries, and help you save money year after year with an efficient cooling system. 

Let Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating handle your air conditioning replacement. Kick back and relax—we’ll keep you cool.

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