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HVAC Contractors
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Beware These Common AC Repairs!


Being relatively close to the equator, the sweltering State of Arizona often feels like a fiery furnace. In this environment, there is nothing more jarring than an air conditioner in need for repairs!

As temperatures rise and residents worry that their ACs will stop functioning, it helps to identify common problems these cooling units face. Doing so can help you employ professionals who can defeat the harrowing heat through quality air conditioning repairs in Peoria, AZ.

Something Wrong with the Refrigerant Level

An AC that’s in tip-top shape contains the right amount of refrigerant. Refrigerant is the heat transfer fluid that cycles through the air conditioner. It absorbs heat as it evaporates in the indoor coil, and  releases its heat outdoors as it is condensed. That’s how an air conditioner is able to cool your home. 

Therefore, if your AC suffers from refrigerant leaks, it simply is not going to be able to cool your home effectively. You’ll notice the system short cycling, struggling to cool your home efficiently, and even breaking down entirely if the issue is not resolved. 

Only a trained professional can pinpoint the source of a refrigerant leak, seal it, and recharge the system appropriately.

A Faulty Compressor Fan

Once the refrigerant makes it outside, it is condensed and its heat is releaseed. The fan in the outdoor unit is used to help disperse this heat. If that fan isn’t functioning properly, then the heat in the system can really wind up doing some damage.

When an air conditioning system overheats, it is suffering a lot more wear and tear than it otherwise would. Working under such conditions will  take a toll. Don’t let overheating components lead to a shortened lifespan fromm your air conditioning  system.

Flawed Filters

Air conditioning systems use standard air filters that protect their components from problems caused by dust and dirt buildup. 

Over time, AC filters can become clogged with the contaminants they trap, and this can hamper the operation of the entire air conditioning system.

By obstructing airflow, for instance, dirty filters can lead to the freezing of condenser coils. Frozen coils inhibit the heat transfer process, making it harder  for your system to cool your home effectively. This drives up energy costs, and can also lead to more wear and tear than the system can handle.

To make sure your AC stays in order, cleaning or replacing your filter regularly is a necessary step. Depending on how your manufacturer has constructed your AC, you’ll probably have to change your air filter every 1-3 months..

Common AC repairs can definitely be a nuisance to deal with. Luckily, you don’t have to handle them alone. Calling a professional can take the load off of your shoulders.

To elevate the performance of your AC and accommodate air conditioning repairs in Peoria, AZ, schedule your HVAC services with us.

Count on Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for the services your air conditioner needs to  succeed. It’s too hot around here to take chances!

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