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Air Conditioning Guide: Programmable Thermostats and Your AC

Programmable thermostats offer many advantages over traditional mechanical thermostats that measure the temperature in your home with expanding and contracting metal coils. While the latter is perfectly accurate most of the time, it requires that your entire Phoenix air conditioning system turn on at the same time and remain on, even if you are not home. A digital thermostat, however, can be programmed to turn on under certain circumstances and be put on a timer for when you are not home.

What this means for your cooling system is that you can set you thermostat to turn on and off for different parts of your home based on when you will be there and when the temperature will get high enough to warrant it.

For example, if you are away from the house every day between 7:30am and 6pm, you can set your programmable thermostat to 85 degrees during those hours when you are away. This will save you money on your cooling bill while ensuring the home doesn’t get so hot that it is dangerous or uncomfortable for pets or plants. The programmable thermostat can then be set to turn on 30 minutes or so before you return home so that it is cool in the house by the time you arrive at 6pm.

This system works in a number of ways. Some thermostats are available with 7 day programming while others offer 5+1+1 programming, allowing you to set different temperatures for weekdays and each day of the weekend. Certain models will even integrate with whole-house control systems so you can turn the thermostat on and off with a computer remotely – setting a number of carefully controlled variables for when it will be on and off.

Whatever you decide to do with your thermostat, know that having a programmable system offers many benefits to you as a homeowner, not only in terms of comfort but also in how much you spend each summer on your cooling bill. For more tip on how to use your Phoenix air conditioning system effectively, give Cool Touch a call!

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