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HVAC Contractors
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Does Your Air Conditioner Need Replacement?

air-conditioning-replacementSpring will officially be here this week, and summer will be along before you know it. As the weather warms up, we’re going to be using our air conditioners more and more often, until we’re running it all day every day to counteract our scorching Arizona heat waves.

If your air conditioner is on its last leg, now is the time to get it replaced. You have plenty of time to schedule a replacement session, and your new air conditioner will save you a great deal of money and worry.

But how can you tell for sure? When is an air conditioner ready to be replaced and when does it just need a servicing session and a little brush-up? Only you can answer that question, since every air conditioning system is unique. But there are some guidelines to help you make that decision and get a new heater put in.

What Is the State of the Warranty?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t think about replacing the system while the warranty is still in effect. It covers the cost of the original parts of the system, meaning that repairs will only cost you the price of labor and maybe a few ancillary components like nuts and bolts. Even after the warranty has expired, the cost of repairs may still be small enough to defer replacement. Only when the warranty has expired and the costs are higher than you think the system is worth should you replace the system.

How Often Has It Been Repaired?

Chances are you haven’t had to repair your air conditioner for a few months, since it hasn’t been used during the winter. But think back to last summer. Did you make any major repairs on the system? More importantly, were there multiple repairs over the course of the summer (more than two)? If there were, then now might be the right time to think about a replacement. It will save you the trouble of having to do the same thing in the middle of summer, when the strain of keeping your home cool becomes overwhelming.

Are Monthly Costs Too High?

A good air conditioning system will work effectively for many years, and scheduling maintenance sessions every year will reduce the effects of wear and tear on the system: prolonging its life considerably. Sooner or later every system wears out, however, and this might not manifest in breakdowns and repairs. Your monthly cooling bills will likely go up as your system gets older, until the simple cost of running the system is more than your monthly budget can bear.

Replacing the system now means you can give your monthly budget a break: enjoying the same cool air in your home from a newer and more efficient air conditioner, and possibly shaving hundreds of dollars off of your bills in the bargain.

If your air conditioner needs replacing in Tempe, AZ, call on the professionals at Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule a replacement session. You’ll be glad you did!

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