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HVAC Contractors
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3 Noises Your AC Could Do Without

noisesWhen you turn on your air conditioner, does it start making banging, buzzing, or hissing noises?

If it’s making even one of those noises, then you’ve got a problem. The only thing you want to hear from your AC is the sound of the blower pushing cooled air through the vents. You might even hear a very soft whistling as the air exits the air vents or a click when the thermostat turns on—but that’s the most.

Hearing odd noises from your air conditioner is usually a bad sign, no matter how you look at it. Your best course of action is to turn off the system and contact a certified expert of air conditioning in Glendale, AZ. They’ll be able to perform a proper inspection, make the repairs, and get it back and running.

But if you’re curious about what those noises are, we’re happy to tell you:


Is this noise coming from your outdoor unit? It might be due to a problem with the compressor, and if that does turn out to be the case, we have to warn you that this is not going to be an easy fix. Compressors are self-contained units that will be far more trouble to fix than simply to replace them.

But do keep in mind that it is not normal for compressors to go bad after only a couple of years. You might have a defect that could be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. You’ll want only a licensed technician to handle this for you, as allowing an amateur to tamper with an AC can void the warranty.

If your AC is much older, however, a compressor going bad is just par for the course. You should talk to your preferred HVAC technician to find a new unit.


Buzzing… from somewhere in your air conditioner? It could be a colony of angry bees.

But it’s much more likely that you have an electrical problem—and this is no joking matter. Although it’s not common, there have been times where an electrically charged AC cabinet caused electrocution. We highly recommend calling up a professional HVAC technician instead of attempting any kind of repairs by yourself.

An AC’s indoor unit or outdoor unit may start having electrical issues for reasons such as:

  • Failing motor
  • Loose wiring
  • Broken capacitor
  • Malfunctioning compressor
  • Arcing


If you hear your AC hissing, it might seem innocuous. It’s not dangerous, but if it is what we think it is, then you’ll want to turn off the AC immediately and wait for repairs. That’s because this noise could indicate a refrigerant leak, and those can be a huge drain on your AC’s efficiency.

Leaking refrigerant will slowly start to diminish the quality of your HVAC system in a number of areas:

  • It can reduce airflow, leading to uneven cooling throughout the home.
  • It can cause the coils to freeze over, making them incapable of absorbing heat.

Hearing something odd when you turn on your AC? Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule an inspection.

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