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HVAC Contractors
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We had several great experiences with Cool Touch. First Daniel came out after we sent a request for help via email and a nice lady called about when to expect him. This call was for our rental. The unit wouldn’t start. Daniel checked everything without finding a problem until he opened the thermostat which had no batteries. He put them in and started the unit up and rechecked everything and explained the care and feeding of the unit in layman terms.
The next call was for our primary residence. After years of unsatisfactory performance with some rooms too hot and some rooms too cold, our heat pump gave up. After suffering with minimum ac for a day or two we decided to try Cool Touch to try to fix both problems. Dispatch sent Christian as promised the next day. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us explaining what he was doing and why. He was unable to save the unit but filled it with Freon to keep us comfortable until a new unit could be installed. He crawled under the house and explained that there was a problem with the duct system too. He then called Kevin who was to come out to discuss replacement of the unit and how to correct the duct system.
As promised by the pleasant female voice on the phone, Kevin came out and checked out the duct system, confirmed the problem and sat down with us to explain what needed to be done. He fully explained the problem using drawings to help us understand. Then as promised he emailed us a price and the steps necessary to accomplish what we had discussed.
Then as promised by the woman on the phone, David, Ernie, and Christian were here on another hot and humid day in Tonopah to install a new Heat pump and change the ducting. Travis came by with some supplies and helped the others remove the old unit and set the new unit. He left and the others were here all day on that terrible 117 degree day, and like the others from Cool touch they also were very knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and efficient. They went above and beyond to finish the work that day so that we could be comfortable.

Mary & Tim

WOW! Cool Touch has done it again. I'm a repeat customer. You would think after a glowing first experience, the suggestions of family and friends would have gone ignored. I have recently researched other companies.

Now I am not just speaking from my own Cool Touch experience. Since I now know I was fortunate to find them the first time. The price quotes, sale tactics customer service etc. of these other companies were nothing like Cool Touch. I actually called the suggested service people recommended. They were either shady and/or a bad initial experience. I had no trust in their estimates or ability to provide quality work. It turns out the lowest estimate received was still twice my final cost using Cool Touch as my HVAC service provider.

I had spent 8 weeks in Phoenix, Az heat with NO air conditioning, because I tried to follow the suggestions of those who knowingly would not send me in the wrong direction. I only wish they had followed my direction when it was given because who knows what they paid. My HVAC unit had been taken apart and left that way by a different company, apparently hoping I would agree to the outrageous "quote" I was given. If such a interesting tactic was used to get my business, imagine what might have been done incorrectly. I can only hope the quality of work done for my friends and family was worth the additional 50% cost.

As before, I again met Chris the owner (of Cool Touch), and sensed the principles he represented. He assessed the problem and found I needed a new motor. Louis came out and installed it. Again the integrity beamed from him as well!

G.V. in Tempe

Cool Touch employees contribute acts of kindness, even when they're not working!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we were ending our annual trip to the Grand Canyon. Tuesday afternoon we decided to start packing and be ready in case we wanted to leave early. Our last step in the process was to push the button for the slide-out (additional floor space w/table). The motor sounded like it was drained and the slide out was not functioning all! We drove to the market to use the phone in an attempt to get help from both the dealer and the manufacturer. They proceeded to tell us what we could do, but since neither of us know much about any type of motor, we were pretty much out of luck. Truly, we didn’t know how we were going to get home.

Brannen heard the conversation we were having w/someone at the DeMotte Market, and offered his assistance. He stopped at our campsite and worked diligently in the dark for almost an hour. He had the experience, knowledge, and tools to get the slide-out pushed in to the camper, which made it safe for us to drive home the following morning.

We gladly offered him money for his kindness and generosity of time, but he wouldn’t accept anything. He said “that’s not why I did this”.

He is obviously a wonderful, caring person and most definitely has a spot reserved for him in Heaven. Since he would only accept our thanks, please place his name on the Employee of the Year bulletin board, or anything you might have in which you offer Kudos to employees.

Please thank him again, and yes.................we will definitely “pay it forward”.

C. K. in Peoria

Thank you so very much for making time to fix my broken A/C today! I know fitting my repair in must have taken extra effort and I so appreciate you going the “extra mile” to do that! I am grateful as I sit here cool - this morning I was sure my weekend was going to be misery til I called you!! THANK YOU! I will alert all of my friends and neighbors (who have the same lousy A/C!!) about your WONDERFUL Company. You shine!

M.R. in Mesa

Thank you so much for sending Brannen to fix my AC.

I so look forward to doing future business with your lovely family business. “Happy Mother’s Day Char!” I’ll be talking to you ...

Stay cool!

S.S. in Scottsdale

My husband and I would like to Thank you....... We appreciate you fixing our AC as well as your customer service. It’s not often these days you meet individuals or companies who care about the well being of others. Once again we are grateful to you and Cool Touch for outstanding service. Please accept this letter as a token of appreciation.

C.C. in Glendale

Thank you! so much for all you have done. You have a customer for life! and I will refer you always. My little angel can now sleep in her own warm bed, thanks to you. Five (other) companies could not do what you did. Keep up the the Great Work!

M.H. in Sun City

Today, about 5:30 p.m. the house really warmed up. I turned on the new Amana system for the first time and everything worked quickly, efficiently and quietly.

Chris asked me to tell him how things were going. I will also tell you about my summer bill in July as he asked. Hopefully lower, as the seer went up from 10 to 14.

Thanks for your service, courtesy and professionalism and I will not hesitate to tell others about your fine company!

C.N. in Phoenix

They came right out. They were honest about what needed to be done, where other companies were not.

Mary F.H

Thank you guys for adding Plumbing and Electrical to your already superior A/C service. Been with you since the beginning and now I wont stress out and worry about who to call when we have plumbing & electric issues. Because of your great customer service and honesty, you'll be the first and only call we make.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Cool Touch lowered my electric bills dramatically -- I no longer freak out when it's 110º.

Vicki S. in Phoenix

There are three things I dread most in life: Medical bills, auto repairs and air conditioning service. For some reason those areas are where you tend to find the most fleecing. So when the A/C wasn't blowing as cold as it should I braced myself for a struggle, even though I knew the thing just needed some general maintenance.

First came the search. Unlike in the past, I had Yelp on my side this time. I spent four days researching companies, reading reviews and checking status with the BBB. Two made the final cut and Cool Touch is the one I went with because they answered their phone and could give me a quick quote within a minute of answering. Their service call rate was pretty standard. The receptionist I spoke with was very nice and professional. She set me up with an appointment for that same week, with a two hour window as to when the tech would arrive. The day before my appointment, she called me back to confirm the appointment time. The day of she called a half hour before the time to let me know that the tech was about 30 minutes away.

Great moment: He showed up on time.

I let the tech in (I wish I could remember his name - I'm so bad with that!). He was well presented and friendly as well as professional. I didn't get that skulking coyote feel I've gotten from some techs I've met in the past. I showed him around the system and answered a few questions. Within about 15 minutes he determined the system needed cleaning and was reading low on freon. He performed a fairly quick test to make sure the lines weren't blocked (they weren't) then he pumped the unit full of freon. He performed one of those Star Trek-like temperature checks at several registers and got the air working like it should.

One thing I appreciated was that he talked to me about my system and what to expect from it. I also noticed that he didn't once mention any kind of maintenance agreement or try to upsell me on a new unit. He just explained the costs as we went and got things done.

I can definitely say this was the best A/C service call I've ever had. I will definitely contact Cool Touch in the future. It's nice to have one less dread in life.

Lyrker A. in Peoria

This past Thursday (11/29) your service person, Joey, serviced my heating unit. We talked about changing my hot water heater. He was back on Friday 11/30 to complete this job. In each case he was professional, hard working,friendly, and did a great job. I just wanted to pass these comments.

B. Morgan

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Additional Comments:
Colin has been very helpful with both my fire detector and carbon
monoxide detector. He has great knowledge and has been very helpful.
He presents himself well, listens well, and gives guidance on the best
course of action going forward.

Keep up the good work.




Fast, friendly service! Affordable too! My AC stopped working in the middle of summer and the tech came out to my house the same day! He was able to get the parts and fix it the same day, I was very pleased with the customer service and the cost. I have recommended Cool Touch to my friends and family and they have all had excellent experiences as well. Thank you!

Anastasia B

Anastasia B

We appreciate your feedback!
Here is a recent testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Nice work Colin! Thank you for being an outstanding employee and fun guy all around!
Ms. Gillard rated Colin a 10 on the comment card she received during her service in January.

Thank you again Ms. Gillard for your praise!

Ms. Gillard

We decided to go with this company based on reviews from yelp and we must say they were right on! The guy Jason was right on time. He let us know that our AC was functioning well. Was going to replace a part on it but only had one in his truck. To his surprise the part was bad and was honest enough to let us know it wasn't any good and that we'd be better of keeping the original one until he got a good one! What an honest tech!!! He could've easily installed the bad part and charged us for it! We will continue to use this company or our AC tune ups and AC replacement in the future!

Sylvia D

Process went very well,overall. At time of installation,Chris,owner, ordered a custom made return air filter grill that would suit my needs. Techs Chase and Jeff installed the new grill on 7-16-13. They are very adept at their trade,professional and polite. I have been using this company for 8 years .I highly recommend this company . Excellent work ethics from owner and all techs are evident! Stellar customer service sums up this experience.

S. Murphy - Angie's List

Our house was cold when we came back from Christmas vacation Dec.30, 2012. Cool Touch sent a tech out on New Year’s Eve. Luis was very professional and we are confident he checked to make sure there wasn't anything that could be done short of replacing the 12 year old unit. The compressor was "locked" which meant it tripped the breaker after about 10 seconds. He explained all of our options and we decided to upgrade one SEER level. The installation crew was there 3 days later with a crane- we have a roof unit- and had the new unit installed within 4 hours. The installation included a new programmable thermostat and a new more efficient return port (where the filter resides). They also ran new thermostat wiring from unit to t'stat- and put it in conduit on the roof- the original installer just ran the wire across the roof. You can imagine what kind of shape that was in after 12 Phoenix summers! The price included a pre-summer cooling season check and a winter heating season check. Luis was just here today for that final pre-paid check, and made sure everything is perfect. We will be scheduling our next regular maintenance with them around April. Our final bill for the unit and installation was $5600- I don't recall the unit capacity, but it heats and cools our single-story 1470 sq. ft. efficiently- and it's so much quieter than the old unit. I will recommend Cool Touch to anyone!


We just had a new air conditioner installed a couple of weeks ago and the Cool Touch installers did an awesome job. They were meticulous and went above the norm that I had expected. A special thanks to our rep, Kevin Orr, who was outstanding. Kevin got us an excellent price and he was very informative. Kevin kept in touch before, during, and after the work was completed. Kevin and everyone at Cool Touch did an excellent job and I'd recommend them to anyone. None better in the Valley.


We paid the $59 for a service call on our air conditioner/heating system because no heat was coming from our unit. The serviceman was so nice! He took a look at the control unit and discovered that some wires were crossed. He also checked out our air conditioner on the roof. He then reversed the crossed wires and voila! Heat! So simple. No pressure or unnecessary selling of additional services. I love that and I will stick with Cool Touch.

Debbie D, Glendale AZ - Yelp

The Cool Touch Team was great!
Robert was friendly and gave me a lot of information. He did not just try to tell me that my unit needed to be replaced. (Like the 4 other companies who came to my house for 5 minutes). He actually told me I had options. He spent an hour and half here but in the end I decided to have my entire unit(s) replaced. Kevin who came out to do the measurements was great. He was friendly and at no point made me feel like I had to buy new unit(s). He also was informative and polite. On the day of the install, they were organized and finished the job the same day! They were here for over 10 hours, because they were so concerned about doing the job just right. They did not leave a mess either. The only thing that happened was that someone stepped through the drywall above the bathroom. But that was not a problem at all because they sent someone out to have it fixed right away. And now it looks good as new (like it never happened). During the install I could not really give them the attention they deserved because I was extremely ill. But my mom was there to assist them with anything they needed or asked. About two days later, I received a get well card from their company. Overall this company is a fantastic company, and I am so happy that I choose them over anyone else. I will not have any problem referring them to anyone who needs this type of services. They really were fantastic! Five Stars Guys! *****
Thank-you for the great service.


Date of Work: 3-4-14
Customer Anthony C
Service: New A/C unit install

Service: A
Quality: A
Professionalism: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Would Hire Again: Yes

Angie's List

Truly great company - from the girl answering the phones, to the technician Luis. Our air conditioner started blowing warm air, I figured it needed freon since the home was vacant for over a year before we moved in. They setup an appointment same day, for between 2-6, arrived at about 2:30, and in about 3 minutes found that the water pump's leveler was just stuck. Literally just needed to be jiggled loose, and everything was good. They could have got me for a freon refill or a new pump and I would have happily paid it, but instead I just had to cover the service call - he even cleaned off the condenser coils real quick before he left. I was so impressed with their service, professionalism, and honesty that I signed up for their maintenance contract which is a solid deal. Money is pretty tight right now, and this was a huge relief. We won't be going anywhere else for HVAC service/repair, they have a lifetime customers.

Taylor J. - Yelp

Recently I turned on the AC and noticed it wasn't blowing very cold, and in fact it was barely cool. I had a friends husband change out the old thermostat to a digital one thinking it wasn't working right, but that didn't do it. After doing some research I found Cool Touch and like everyone I saw the good reviews and decided to give them a try. I called them this morning around 9:45 and was told they'd be out 10-2. Within minutes I got a call saying a service tech would be there in 25 minutes, and it didn't even take that long. Robert was very nice and professional and explained that I had a crack in my freon line, some of my ductwork was opened up, not to mention all of the nasty pigeon mess. He repaired and cleaned everything and even fixed the thermostat (it wasn't done correctly yesterday.. Oops). Now I have a cold AC, colder than it's been the entire time I've lived here and I signed up for the service plan. It even runs quieter!

In any case, this is a great company and I'm really glad I found them. I will definitely continue using them!

L. Jumper - Yelp

I have no clue what they did when they came out =)
It was a year ago and we had problems with our air conditioner. Today I was recommending them because of the great service they provided and realized that I didn't write a review last year so I wanted to take the time and do that even though I can't remember what exactly it was that they did. What I DO know is that they came the same day, they were friendly, professional and did not walk away with a million of my hard earned dollars!!! Oh, and they walked us through step by step with explanations. I didn't feel cheated and I felt well informed. Thanks cool touch and just so you know I am sending you a referral!


Had called a couple other companies when my AC went out today and they couldn't get anyone out until tomorrow evening. Luis was able to squeeze me in just before he went home for the day today! Super quick repair and very friendly! Air conditioning never felt so good!


Our air conditioner woke us up early in the morning with a loud noise and then silence, and that can never be a good thing, especially when it's the hottest day of the summer so far! I couldn't get a callback from the repairman we had used before, so I gave Cool Touch a call, based on their Yelp reviews. Holly worked hard to get me a same day appointment, which I really appreciated. And our technician, Robert, was great...he explained clearly what had happened to our unit, and my options for fixing it. He had the unit up and running again quickly, and took the time to answer all my questions. Great, professional service, and I will definitely use them again in the future.


5 Star Service
Air conditioning quit working and got 92 degrees in the house. I saw the great reviews on here so I called them immediately. Had great service right away. Had a technician out in 20 minutes to the house. Julian was friendly and immediately found a capacitor bad. He had the air conditioning up and running in no time. Great quick friendly service. I would recommend cool touch to everybody.

Daniel J., Scottsdale - YELP

Are you kidding me Batman?? These guys were at my house within HOURS when the so called "competition" could come "next week" a FULL six or seven days later??? Who the hell is going without a working A/C for a week in Phoenix, AZ??? NOT US!!!

BUT...the "competition" said if we want to REPLACE our unit instead of problem check, they could be at our door tomorrow!! Of course....Great way to scam people out of desperation to assume they need a new unit for THOUSANDS of dollars profit in THEIR pocket! BTW, it is the one with over 200 good reviews....probably from desperate people who were willing to forego a diagnosis and just buy a new unit instead of getting an evaluation!! Right?? Yes, for sure! Not us!!! I'm no dummy!!!!

Cool Touch Air Conditioning was Johnny (Tim) on the spot!!! In fact, he called to let us know he was arriving PRIOR to the estimated time, the SAME DAY! We had to rush home to meet him!!!

Well....our bill was a little over $300!!! WHEW!! We assumed we might need a new unit because our neighbors an all sides have been replacing their 15 year old units. NOT US!! Tim was honest and fixed us up within NO TIME!! We had planned on spending the night downstairs (we have two units, on up and one down) on the couches and dreading it, big time!!!!

Tonight, we will be sleeping like babies in our super cool upstairs bedroom, cuddled in our blankets thanks to the swift action of Cool Touch Air Conditioning!!!! Thanks, Tim, for being so honest and fixing us up within a nano second!!!!

We will NEVER consider using any other company!!!


Mesa, AZ - Yelp

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