Spring is a beautiful season, but it can also be a difficult time for those who suffer from allergies. As the weather warms up, plants begin to bloom and pollen counts rise. This can surely cause a lot of allergic reactions for people. One way to alleviate the symptoms of spring allergies is to ensure that your HVAC unit is working properly. Here are the top 5 ways your HVAC unit can help alleviate your spring allergies.

1. Regularly Change Your Air Filters

The air filters in your heating and cooling system are responsible for trapping allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust, dirt, and more. However, if your filters get clogged, they won’t be able to do their job effectively. That’s why it’s important you regularly change your air filters. Ideally, you should be changing them once a month (or every three months at least). This will ensure they’re clean and working properly. By doing this, you can greatly reduce the amount of allergens in your indoor air.

2. Keep Your HVAC Unit Clean

In addition to changing your air filters, it’s important to keep your HVAC unit clean. Dust and debris can accumulate inside the unit over time, which can exacerbate allergies. There are a few ways you can make sure you’re keeping your system clean. For one, you can dust the vents and registers in your home regularly. You can also wipe down the exterior of the unit. And last but not least, you can schedule a professional HVAC maintenance at least once a year.

3. Use A High-Efficiency Air Filter

Not all air filters are created equal. Some are designed to trap larger particles, while others are designed to capture smaller particles. A high-efficiency air filter, also known as a HEPA filter, is designed to capture about 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. By using a HEPA filter in your HVAC unit, you can greatly reduce the amount of allergens in the air you breathe.

4. Air Cleaners Systems and Other Indoor Air Quality Solutions

In addition to air filters, you can also invest in air cleaners systems or other indoor air quality solutions that can help reduce allergens even more. These systems use advanced technology designed to capture even the smallest airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria. By installing an air cleaner system, you will be able to breathe cleaner, fresher air and reduce the amount of allergens in your home this spring. At Cool Touch, we offer a variety of indoor air quality systems including: air cleaners, humidifiers, UV germicidal lights, and ductwork.

5. Proper Humidity Control

Humidity levels can significantly impact allergies. Too much moisture in the air can create a breeding ground for mold and other allergens, while low humidity can dry out your nasal passages and make them more susceptible to allergens. Your HVAC unit can help regulate humidity levels in your home, ensuring that they remain at a comfortable and healthy level for you and your family. You can also invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier.

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By following these five tips, your HVAC system can play a huge role in reducing allergens and alleviating your spring allergies. From regular air filter replacement to investing in an air cleaning system, there are several steps you can take to ensure your home is a healthy and comfortable place to be – always. Contact your local HVAC and indoor air quality specialists at Cool Touch today. Learn more about how you can help breathe easier this spring. We can be reached at [email protected] For Phoenix services, you can call us at (623) 748-4942 and for Prescott Valley services, you can call us at (928) 339-3107.