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Surge Protection Services in Phoenix from Cool Touch

Your home is filled with appliances, HVAC components and electrical systems that represent a massive investment. So, you should strive to protect that investment in every way possible. One way you can do so that is inexpensive and highly effective is with surge protection.

Phoenix surge protection takes less than a couple of hours to install but can protect major appliances and HVAC components from power surges that occur on a regular basis in most major electrical grids and that can intensify in extreme conditions, such as during a major storm.

If you are concerned about your electrical systems or a major surge has already done damage to one in your home, call Cool Touch today to learn more about our full range of surge protection installation services.

Types of Phoenix Surge Protection

Most people, when they think of surge protection, envision the outlet strips installed to protect their computers or TVs from small power surges during a storm or blackout. However, power strips and surge protection blocks only work on a per–item basis. They cannot protect your entire electrical system, nor are they effective for larger appliances that draw much more electricity.

For these systems, you will need a system–wide surge protector or one that can be installed at the circuit breaker to block surges before they pass through the box. While circuits are designed to flip when a surge of electricity runs through them, it doesn’t always work or enough power can get through before it flips. A surge protector offers extra protection to ensure the system doesn’t overload due to the surge.

Phoenix Surge Protector Installation

When it comes time to have a new surge protector installed for your home (or multiple units if you decide to protect systems individually), make sure you call a professional with experience working on such systems. Electrical work is very meticulous and requires a licensed professional to be done properly. Additionally, you should have your surge protectors checked on a regular basis to ensure they are in good working order and that they provide ample electrical protection for your entire home. If a surge protector flips it should be replaced, or if it is a multi–use surge protector, inspected to ensure it will work the next time.

To properly protect your appliances and electrical systems, call Cool Touch today and ask us about our full range of Phoenix surge protection services.

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