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Fuse Box Upgrades

Fuse Box Upgrades in Phoenix from Cool Touch

Fuse boxes, while extremely durable can show signs of age over time, and when they do, we recommend having them replaced as soon as possible. To do this, pay close attention to your fuse box and look for signs that it is has begun to age more rapidly than is strictly safe in your home. Rust, burn marks, or frequently blown fuses in particular can be clear signs that your fuse box is well past its prime and needs to be replaced.

If you are interested in learning more about Phoenix fuse box upgrades and how they can benefit your home and keep your electrical system safe, call Cool Touch today. We can discuss with you exactly how to keep your fuse box in good working order and help you determine if an upgrade is necessary.

How Fuse Boxes Work

Before calling for a Phoenix fuse box upgrade, consider how the system works and what this can do for you. Your home’s electrical system is a closed loop. Electricity flows throughout the entire system to power any one device, but the system can handle only so much electricity. If more electricity is called for or delivered than is strictly safe, the fuse box is designed to act as a failsafe that cuts off power before damage can be done or a fire started.

If the circuit surges with excess power, a small metal strip inside the fuses in your fuse box will melt and the circuit will be interrupted. Blown fuses must be replaced before they can be used again, but if it happens frequently it means your fuse box may not be regulating electricity properly any longer.

The Importance of a Phoenix Fuse Box Upgrade

A fuse box upgrade will ensure that your home, its electrical system and more importantly, your family remain safe. An upgrade can be done in a single day, though the work involved can be extensive depending on the age of the fuse box and the wiring around it. If you need to replace the wiring supplying the fuse box as well as the internal wiring from the fuse box to major appliances, the process may take more than a day, though we can always let you know in advance before you commit to anything.

We also recommend that, even if your fuse box is not ready for an upgrade, you have it inspected on a regular basis. These fuse box inspections will check for possible problems like excess rust, damage from blown fuses, or power surges during storms and more. We can also determine if the fuse box can be repaired, needs an upgrade, or if a circuit breaker may be a better option for your home instead of a new fuse box.

Whatever your Phoenix fuse box upgrade needs, call the experts of Cool Touch for all of your electrical service work. We can ensure your system is properly installed and maintained from the start.

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