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Circuits, Outlets and Switches

Circuits, Outlets and Switches Services in Phoenix by Cool Touch

Today’s homes rely heavily on electricity, from keeping food cold to running complex entertainment systems. Home electrical systems use circuits, outlets and switches to regulate electricity and protect a home from fire and other damage. If you need to hire an electrician, a fundamental knowledge of circuits, outlets and switches can help improve their communication with the professional electrician and ensure you get the service you need.

Working with electrical systems is a specialized skill that requires expertise in circuits, outlets and switches, as well as experience with installation, repair and maintenance. For all your Phoenix circuit, outlet and switch needs call Cool Touch today.

Phoenix West Circuit, Outlet and Switch Installation

Homeowners should always use professional electricians for any work on their electrical systems. Attempting to repair or replace circuits, outlets and switches without the proper training and experience may result in damage to the electrical system, fire and even injury to the person doing the work.

Phoenix Circuits

When discussing circuits, electricians are referring to a type of mini–system within the home’s electrical system. The circuit is a path that the electricity follows, and electricity can only be conducted along closed circuits. With this type of circuit, the electricity flows out from a source, through the Phoenix home’s wiring to outlets and switches, and then returns to the source. Circuits are designed to work with a specific level of electricity running through them. Circuit breakers and fuses add safety by disrupting the supply of electricity if too much current flows through a circuit.

Phoenix Outlets

Outlets have various designs for specific uses. Most of today’s outlets have a round hole under the two vertical holes. The round hole is used for grounding and adds a level of safety for homeowners and their electrical appliances and equipment. Homes may also have protected outlets, including ground–fault circuit interrupter outlets and arc–fault circuit interrupter outlets.

A ground fault circuit interrupter outlet has a "test" button and a "reset" button on the faceplate. The purpose of this type of outlet is to protect people from electrical shock by monitoring the level of current and tripping the circuit if there is an imbalance. Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are typically used in bathrooms and kitchens. An arc–fault circuit interrupter outlet monitors the system for dangerous electrical arcs and disconnects the power to prevent a fire. Arc fault circuit interrupter outlets are typically used in bedrooms and, in some areas, are required by law.

Phoenix Switches

Switches work by either breaking or completing closed circuits. When a switch is in the "off" position, the electrical contacts within the switch cannot conduct electricity. In the "on" position, the switch conducts electricity and completes the closed circuit. The three common switches found in homes are single–pole switches, three–way switches and dimmer switches. Single–pole switches are the most common and have a toggle design to turn the lights on and off. Three–way switches allow homeowners to turn the lights on and off from two different locations within the house. Dimmer switches allow homeowners to control the brightness of the lights in the home.

Circuits, outlets and switches are the basic components of a home’s electrical system. To ensure proper function of the system and the highest level of safety within the home, call Cool Touch for all your Phoenix circuit, outlet and switch installation, repair and maintenance needs.

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