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Attic Fans

Attic Fan Services in Phoenix from Cool Touch

There are hundreds of things you can do around your home to reduce the cost of cooling it. But sometimes the most effective methods are also the simplest and that is very much the case with attic fan installation.

An attic fan is designed to remove warm air from an attic and reduce the load on your home’s air conditioner. The process can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your entire HVAC system and ensure smooth cooling for the entire house.

To learn more about Phoenix attic fan installation and how Cool Touch can help you save money on your next cooling bill, give us a call today.

How Phoenix Attic Fans Work

When it gets exceptionally hot outside, the sun will hit your roof and start to fill the house with warm air. On a particularly hot day – anything over 95 degrees – the temperature in an unventilated attic can reach 140 degrees. This is not only incredibly uncomfortable and borderline dangerous for anyone or anything that is in the attic, but it puts an incredible burden on your home’s cooling system to counteract that heat which will seep down from the attic.

An attic fan is designed to prevent this problem. Attic fans are installed in the roof of your attic and can be set to automatically turn on when the temperature in your attic reaches a certain point. So, if you set it for 90 degrees, the fan will turn on at 90 degrees and vent air out of the attic. The process will even the temperature in your attic with the temperature outside and reduce the load on your cooling system. Phoenix attic fans are also available to operate under solar power, making the entire process free to operate with a major cost benefit.

Phoenix Attic Fan Installation

If you decide an attic fan is right for your home, the first thing you should do is call a licensed electrician to handle installation of the fan for you. The process can be completed in a single day, though it can be more extensive if there is not currently any electricity being run to your attic. By calling one of our professional service technicians, you can be sure the process is done right, however, and your home is properly cooled at the right price.

Call Cool Touch today for all your Phoenix attic fan needs. We will help you select the right attic fan for your home and then ensure it is properly installed to provide ample ventilation for years to come. We also offer ongoing maintenance and on–call repair services for attic fans.

Plumbing services too!

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